Qualified suppliers of epoxy laminates
Polyclad, Isola, Rogers, Global

Drilling area
Drill hits on a double-sided, FR-4 board with one once of copper
equals 2500 maximum and 1700 on MLB

Entry material
Empire Electronics uses entry material that's aluminum foil and .007" thick

Exit material
Empire Electronics uses backup material that's .093" thick


Plated through holes
Shadow process: Electro Chemical Shadow II

Etchback and electroless
Plasma etch, Chemical etch and electroless copper plating for multi-layer PC boards

Copper plating
Copper plating is accomplished through electrochemical copper sulfate baths

Electroplate baths
Two electroplate baths at 800 gallons each and one 1200 gallon bath. Baths are monitored once-a-week.

Tin plating
Electrochemical. Baths are 800-gallon, tin baths. Baths are monitored once-a-week.

Gold-finger plating
Gold-finger plating is accomplished via Technic Inc.

Lead-free processes
Empire Electronics also offers flash-gold plating, lead-free HASL, OSP finish

Solder mask over bare copper
Solder mask is placed over bare copper via SMOBC on a Svecia Semimatic printer. The Peelable soldermask and carbon ink available.

Empire Electronics uses ammonium chloride (Micronutrient)

Silk screening
Laser-sharp silkscreening with smallest letter 5 mil.

Color legends
White, Yellow, Black, Red and/or others as required

Excellon CNC 6
Excellon CNC 6 drilling machine with
accuracy and repeatability of 0.0005"